circulon 80569 1.5-quart covered saucepan

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Pans heat quickly moved on the disk. Pan Circulon Anodized Cookware TOTAL hard anodized patented features high and low emissions of foods that are guaranteed to meet all the other survives. Thick, hard anodized construction provides excellent durability and heat quickly and evenly without hot spots that burn food. With a unique stainless steel base makes this dishwasher to cook healthy and clean all the cards! Lifetime warranty

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circulon infinite induction cooker

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Induction hob is a process in which a coil creates a magnetic field of high frequency electromagnetic. Magnetism then penetrates the magnetic material in a pan and creates an electrical current generates heat that circulates Infinite Circulon Cookware. The heat generated in the mold is then transferred to the content. Instead of heating the surface under and around a heater in a conventional gas or electric induction cooker converts heat into the boiler. Induction cooker is very effective. 90% of the energy generated by induction goes directly into the pot, the return of around 55% for gas and electric cookers.

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circulon contempo 3-quart covered saute pan

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Professional hard anodized construction provides a rapid, even heating and exceptional durability. IT systems that do not meet the TOTAL Hi-Low wave, with the most advanced nonstick surface to free food and good life has to offer. Advanced nonstick Circulon Cookware interior and exterior cleaning quick and easy. Modern stainless steel double riveted silicone grip handles, anti-slip. Bake at 400 degrees C. The dome, tempered glass lids with stainless steel rim, you see cooking without losing heat, flavors and nutrients

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